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Air Conditioner Service And Its Different Kinds

Keeping a watchful eye on the AC in your home can keep you and your family safe from the harsh effects of extreme temperatures during any season. While it is true that a properly maintained AC will last a lifetime, keeping it running efficiently and regularly means that it can work in all seasons, providing excellent service and comfort even on the most unbearable of days.

A qualified air conditioner service

While most people consider their AC as a piece of expensive furniture that they purchase to impress other people, it is actually an important service provider in the home. Remembering that not every AC breakdown will fall into the category of emergency service. Sometimes just a simple maintenance or repair can handle it by itself, making it an easily fixed problem. However, it is never a good occasion when your air conditioner suddenly stops functioning and you need to immediately call a qualified air conditioner service provider for help.

When you feel that your air conditioner has failed to perform well despite regular maintenance, make sure to immediately get it inspected. This is especially important if you are living in humid areas like the tropics where air conditioners need to work harder to stay cool. Make sure you have the AC service provider arrive on time at least two hours before your scheduled time so they will have enough time to inspect and troubleshoot the problem and hopefully return your AC to normal service.

Most common causes of Air Conditioner leaks

There are several things that you can check and ask your service provider about if it happens to your unit during the inspection. One of the main issues that comes up frequently is a leak. Although the most common causes of Ductless Air conditioners leaks are dirty hoses, a leak can also arise if your AC is being used with older filters. Make sure that your service provider knows exactly how old the filters are and that they are still in good shape. If the filters are beyond their expected lifespan, it might be time to replace them.

Another issue that can cause your AC to stop working is dirty filters. Keep in mind though that filters do not cause your air conditioner to stop functioning unless you have a complete system overhauled. Most times though, if your AC stops responding after just a few days of proper cleaning and maintenance, it can simply be because you have outdated filters or an improperly installed filter.


If you are not able to find the exact reason that your air conditioner stopped responding, you should be able to find a service provider that provides a diagnosis service to determine the cause of the problem. It is important to remember that just because your AC did not respond immediately, does not mean that it is defective. Always make sure you contact your provider to ensure that everything is fine and you are able to receive replacement parts as quickly as possible in case it does come back on its own.