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Always pay attention to these facts when driving and renting a car in Thailand

It is considered safer to drive in Thailand because of the well maintained road conditions. However, the weather in Thailand is unpredictable, changing all the time.

You must keep that in mind while following a route in Thailand. Most of the time when you register an accident report in Thailand the officials will consider it your fault.

Things to keep in mind while driving or renting a car in Thailand

There are some specific driving rules and traffic conditions that you must follow while driving in Thailand. Foreigners can also drive safely in Thailand by knowing the rules and regulations and having a permit to drive.

Traffic rules of Thailand

There are strict traffic rules in Thailand for the safety of residents. You must drive on the left side of the road, if you want to change lanes on the road it should be slowly and strategically. There are crosswalks on the roads which you should be aware of while driving.

You have to make your move smoothly and never expect another driver to stop because of you. If you make an accident in Thailand it is considered your fault most of the time.

Parking rules of Thailand

There are colored markings in Thailand to indicate the parking condition at a specific field. If you see a red or white marking that means this area is not always available for packing you must check the availability before parking your car.

If you see a white rectangle on the roadside, it means this is the specific place where you can park your car without facing any inconvenience. If you see multiple white diagonal lines it will show parking space for motorbikes only, cars are not allowed to park in that area.

Road standard of Thailand

There are laws present in Thailand which are very strict but unfortunately the government failed to enforce them on the residents. Road conditions of Thailand are good but not at all places because of corruption.

The management of roads is also poor in most of the areas of Thailand because of the responsibility of the traffic department. There are a lot of accidents in Thailand that are not even considered. You often see people over speeding and driving while they are drunk. 

Renting a car in Thailand

There are a lot of car rental companies present in Thailand which can provide you car rental services if you need to rent a car after car rental comparison. You can compare prices here: Autoprio, compare car rental companies such as Avis, Dollar, National, Hertz, Bizcar Rental, Europcar, Budget, Thrifty, Chic Car Rent, Hawk, Yesaway, Keddy By Europcar, Sixt, Asap and Thai Rent A car. However, you must have driving experience and a license before getting rental cars services.

If you are a foreigner it is recommended to read all the traffic rules and regulations as well as compare car rental before getting required services. You can also ask the company or the owner who is providing you the car for rent. You will the largest supply of cars at the airports.

Do I need an international driving license?

Yes, you have to apply for an international driving license before visiting Thailand. They do not accept a license from foreign countries while you are driving or renting a car.

It is recommended to ask for a permit from the Thailand government if you want to stay longer. You can also contact the embassy of your country to solve this issue for you.

Final thought

Some of the things that you should take care of while driving or renting a car in Thailand are mentioned above. You need an international driving license for driving in Thailand.


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