Ao Manao – A Hidden Gem of a Beach


If you are considering setting up a business in Thailand, then you are probably looking for somewhere to live that’s stunny and has good facilities.


Prachuap Khirikhan is home to Ao Manao beach, a truly stunning and clean location (maintained by the local military staff and cleaned daily). The beach is just 5-10 minutes from the Amphur Muang (capital of the province), Prachuap Khirkhan.


This means that you can enojoy life in a location that has modern facilities, including plenty of international retaurants and supermarkets, while also being near to a peaceful beach location. The town center has all you could need for home comforts, but with the prices of rural Thailand that are hard to beat. The people are also really friendly, and it is this that makes it a great place to relocate to.


However, Ao noi is also a great location if you want peace and relaxtion, just head north of the town center while following the beachfront. The road will eventually take you out to Ao Noi, the temple and a famous seafood restaurant.


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