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Benefits of outsourcing the internal audit function

Companies are increasingly feeling the need for an internal audit. This is often because it is made mandatory by the Dutch government, but it is actually increasingly common for companies to opt to grow towards an matured organization. As the company grows, certain things become more and more complex because you have to comply with certain regulations. For example, an accountant netherlands can help you with this. In this article a number of advantages discuss what an audit firm can mean for your organization

Low costs

You don’t have to hire three FTEs right away to make sure everything runs smoothly. For example, you can board with an entry model and then half an FTE would suffice. That way you can start small in order to reduce the costs of the organization.


When hiring Reanda, a small team comes to help your organization with the internal audit. Every member has his or her specialization and can help you with various different questions. They can help you with the financial statements, certain regulations, but also with structuring the organization. They can also help you with matters concerning the IT department, for example. This way certain processes can be optimally organized.


Hiring an audit firm ensures a lot of peace of mind for you as a person. You can easily get started and in that way you can easily get used to new things. In the long term you can take matters into your own hands and delegate them to an ordinary employee.


When hiring an audit firm, you don’t have to worry about quality either. All people from Reanda work in accordance with certain guidelines. In this way you are assured that your internal audits meet the set standards. For the best results you can hire Reanda for all of your audit services.