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Buy and sell your cars abroad with the European car trader

People who rent or lease a car only want to drive the latest and most modern models. That is why your rental company or leasing company, often needs to replace large parts of your fleet even though the cars aren’t that old yet. Because of this, your company is looking for a buyer that is willing to purchase a large batch of young used cars. Does this situation apply to you? Then Quadriga is just the company you are looking for. This European car trader buys new and good secondhand cars in bulk. They then sell them on to other automotive professionals in smaller quantities. The company is situated in Belgium, but has a vast network of reliable partners in Asia, the United states, the Middle East and Europe. They offer a comprehensive service and competitive prices to all their suppliers and clients.

Buy you cars abroad with the European car trader

As a car dealership or rental company, you find it easy to buy cars in large batches. However, thing get more complicated when you need to buy them from abroad. Buying cars abroad is subject to a lot of regulations depending on the country of origin. Luckily, Quadriga is very experienced in this regard. They are a European car trader situated in Belgium with a lot of experience regarding the buying and selling of cars all over the world. They have trusted partners in Europe, Asia, the United States and the Middle East. They buy the cars you need and help you deal with all the formalities. Thanks to their location right near the Port of Antwerp, one of the biggest ports in the world, they can quickly ship your cars to you.

Buy stock cars from the European car trader in Belgium

Does your company want to buy leftover stock cars from a certain car manufacturer? Is you dealership in search of stock cars to sell to your customers? Rely on Quadriga. This European car trader buys cars, such as stock cars, in bulk to sell them on to other automotive professionals in smaller quantities. They buy their cars from reliable partners all over Europa as well as Asia, the Middle East and the United States. This European car trader offers all their clients a comprehensive service from order to resolution. Just let the professionals know what stock cars you are looking for. Their large secure warehouse near the Port of Antwerp holds their stock. This ensures a quick and efficient delivery for your order.

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