How Much Water to Drink When Fasting?


It is very common among new fasters, and even experienced ones, to have a lot of questions about different aspects of fasting. You may have various and doubts in your mind about fasting. One of the most common questions about fasting is that how much water should you drink while fasting. Well, the answer to that question is dependent on the type of the fast you are observing and the conditions in which you are living.

You should always remember that since water is the only thing you consume while fasting, so it is the only source of hydration for you. In a normal routine, we get water and essential fluids from fruits, vegetables, and other food. Hydration is the key to completing your fast successfully and enjoy the full benefits of fasting.

Some people often confused about the fact that why is water even allowed while fasting. It is true that water may not be allowed in some types of fasts, for example, dry fast. Moreover, some religions, like Islam, do not allow fasters to drink water or consume food for the fasting period. However, if you are not fasting for religious purposes, you should drink water as much as possible.

There is a lot of uncertainty linked with the recommended amount of water consumption during a fast. If you are not on a juice fast, you are likely to cut off juices and beverages from your diet as well. Therefore, drinking lots of water is vital to keep yourself hydrated.

The significance of hydration cannot be emphasized enough as water is essential for the appropriate functioning of the body. It is the basic component used in the metabolic reactions of your body

Before diving into the detailed explanation of our primary question, it is important that you remember the normal the recommended daily water consumption, even when you are not on a fast. It is common knowledge that at least eight ounces (2 litres) of water should be consumed on a daily basis.

During a fast, you must improve your water drinking habits and drink more water. Typically, men should drink at least three litres of water while fasting. The recommended water consumption for women is two and a half litre.

Importance of Hydration While Fasting

In everyday life, we get water from multiple sources like beverages, fruits, and vegetables. Strawberries, watermelon, and oranges are few of the many fruits that consist of a large quantity of water. During a fast, your food consumption is stopped for a period, which can result in the loss of about 20% of daily hydration. To fulfill this gap. Drinking water throughout the day is important.

It will help you in avoiding the adverse issue of dehydration and the complications that can stem from that. Moreover, drinking water will keep you alert, healthy, and full of energy. Though water does not have any calories itself, it can produce a feeling of fullness in your body, which will facilitate you in going through the fasting period without experiencing severe hunger pangs.

Many people find it difficult to keep track of their water consumption. The process has been made easy through modern technology. Hence you can use mobile apps, smart devices, or even the latest smart bottles which can remind you to drink water throughout the day.