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How to get popular on Instagram from scratch and without cheats: 10 tips and tricks

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If you are a novice blogger and dream of becoming popular on Instagram but you don’t know how, read this article. We will tell you what will help promote your account and what absolutely cannot be done.

Decide on a goal

Answer yourself, why do you need Instagram popularity at all, and which fame criteria suit you personally? How many followers do you need to be happy? Are you going to make money on your account? Why people become Instagram bloggers:

Promote yourself as a person and then make money with your talent. Some bloggers only become popular for their charisma. The brightest are noticed, invited to shoot in various shows, contract with them for advertising.

How to Get Popular on Instagram

Make money on a blog. Someone creates an account for the sole purpose of selling ads in the profile.

How To Make Money From Popularity On Instagram

To promote myself as an expert. You can be an expert in a particular field, such as a psychologist, stylist, doctor, construction worker. Popularity on Instagram increases your value as an expert – as a result, you can attract more customers, increase service costs, provide online training, sell books.

Personal brand promotion

As a hobby. Some bloggers just do what they like and want to share it with others. That is to say, they do not initially aim to make money on Instagram. Of course, as their popularity grows, they also begin to switch to monetization.

Refuse cheating

Don’t use Instagram promotions. Any. All the way. Just forget about them. The same goes for mass tracking, mass watching, and other mass activities. And don’t be fooled by the temptations and mesmerizing results promised by the rogue services – social networking algorithms have long since advanced and immediately calculate black promotion methods, blocking dishonest bloggers. So you have to do everything yourself. But there will be more motivation to focus on the quality of the content.

Create a story

Today, Instagram Stories are the main type of content with its own vibe. Unlike the tape, where everyone tries to make the photo more beautiful, you can’t bother with stories and just be yourself – either way, they disappear after 24 hours. Stories make it easier to communicate with the audience – to get their opinions, ask for advice, and just communicate on any topic. And new stickers appear regularly for it. You can not only record short videos, but also broadcast live.

High engagement with stories has a positive effect on the promotion of your account in general, so if you want to get popular, make sure to create stories and analyze statistics about them to understand which direction to go in.

You can also make money from advertising in stories, but in order to get advertisers to pay attention to you, you need to create high-quality videos and have a paying audience of subscribers.

Use graphic editors, templates, video designers

This will help improve your content and make your ideas come true …

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