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How to help someone remotely

Sometimes it is not possible to help someone because for whatever reason you are not in contact with each other. For example because you were lovers and one of them really needs to be distanced. Only sometimes you see everything that is having a hard time and you even want to support or help someone, from a distance. Perhaps also for your own state of mind. Read here about the things you can do then.

Meditation and Praying

Do you believe in remote help by meditation or praying? Then make use of it. In any case, it helps you to deal constructively with the impotence that you may now have. This way you can still give it a positive spin. It can help to imagine the person in a meditation and send all love and warmth to someone. Is this all a bit too floaty for you? Then maybe the following tip will help.

Free Anonymous Text

You can also actually send a message, but with a free anonymous text. With a free anonymous text, you can even let someone know with a sweet note that someone is thinking of them. Just a heart under the belt with a free anonymous text.

Let go of looking for contact

Remote assistance is not always best. Sometimes you have to help because it hurts yourself and sometimes you have to go out of anonymity to really help. Keep in mind that helping doesn’t work with someone who won’t be helped. How difficult it is to see that someone does not want to be helped. It can make you sad and hurt, but it is good to experience that in the end you yourself have influence on your own life.