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Important parts of being a referee

The cooperation with assistant referees
In particular, the visible way of cooperation between the referee and the assistants/4th official, such as: quickly taking over advice, own initiative at incorrect advice, clear and prompt signals, visible adherence to the guidelines; or showing good faith agreements made. Teamwork is very important in today’s arbitration.
The referee should consider the following:
– Responds to all signals from the assistant referees. To that end, the referee takes either the signal over, or by means of a hand gesture to the flag signal of the assistant referees to have seen without interrupting the game (advantage, too quickly offside sign etc.).
– There were no visible culpable contradictory decisions after the advice of the assistant referees (corner kick/goal kick, other direction at throw-in etc.).
– Takes the correct measures and has a good communication in case of offside violations outside the (violent behaviour) and which have been signalled by the assistant referees or the 4th official.

Deal correctly with players, trainers and assistant referees
Points that play a role in this:
– The referee is correct in his way of acting towards players, team officials and assistant referees.
– The referee is a worthy representative of the KNVB in all his expressions and actions.

Managing the competition
The definition of this is: The degree to which the referee is able to accept his decisions.
Obtain by adjusting his arbitration and his appearance.

Keywords are: managing competition, making the right choices and finding solutions.

– Does the referee’s approach to the match keep him in control?
– Does he recognize changes in the match image, does he react proactively and how does he get the
check back again?
– Does the referee react properly to the behavior of players, team officials and assistant referees?
– Is the referee accepted and respected by the players? Is his performance convincing
and decidedly? Doesn’t he allow himself to be influenced?

To be a referee it is very important that you are also able to communicate well with your assistants. This will be made a lot easier with a referee communication system, with which you can communicate with your assistants crystal clear and without any interruptions.