Install an ECO boiler to reduce power consumption


As cost of living is ever increasing saving power to reduce your utility bill is the easiest way to spend less money. An Eco water heater uses significantly less power and by lowering your power consumption you also reduce your impact on the environment.  

An ECO electric water heater has the highest insulation class helping maintain the temperature and reducing the power consumption of your heater. A smart ECO controller helps minimize electrical loss that makes the electric ECO boiler more energy-efficient. This controller also enables to precisely enter the temperature and efficiently heat up the water tank to keep the ideal temperature. This also helps reduce energy consumption. For all Eco water heater models please consult this link

We have 3 brands offering Eco water heaters. Wesen, Lemet and Ariston.

 Wesen has:

  • An Eco controller that gauges the temperature constantly only warming when necessary minimizing consumption of power.

  • The thick insulation of PUR foam allows for perfect heat retainment.

 Lemet offers the Ecoway range that has a unique digital ECO+ controller:

  • ECO+ controller provides the right amount of warm at your usual times by monitoring your consumption in 2 to 3 weeks. Once it has completed the monitoring it will set a program according to your requirements.

  • The Ecoway circuitboard also minimizes power leakages drastically.

 Ariston has:

  • The intelligent ECO EVO program combined with the smart thermostat that help reduce power use significantly. It monitors the amount of warm water you usually consume.

Over the course of the summer Wesen will introduce an entire new range of B label electric water heaters. The enamel steel tanks of the Wesen electric water heater make it suitable for all water conditions. Even you have extremely poor water quality in your region it will not affect the lifespan. Besides being extremely energy-efficient and durable this new range will also have a slim and modern design.

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