Legal advice from dozens of top law firms in a close-knit network


Require legal advice for your international business and looking for a trusted firm? The law network of LawExchange International is at your beck and call. Imagine you experience a dispute to be settled when operating abroad, but your local law firm does not have the appropriate or necessary resources. As a member of LawExchange International, however, they can liaise with other law firms in the network to ensure you get the best legal advice for your situation!

A law network you can rely on, all over the world

All of LawExchange International’s 34 partners are top law firms from all over the world, admitted to the network by invitation only. In this way the network maintains their reputation for absolute reliability in all  legal matters. By continuously developing their law network, LawExchange International ensures it continues to meet the diverse needs of their client base. Providing their customers with a seamless and smooth experience is reflected in the 6 C’s of their core commitments: Coverage, Competence, Client Service, Cost Consciousness, Cooperation and Conduct.

The quality of your legal advice, assured by a global law network

As a business owner, you prefer your legal matters resolved as fast as possible. Having the knowledge and experience of a global law network at your back ensures you always have the best legal support available, no matter where you do business. The lawyers at LawExchange International are always ready to help, providing you with detailed advice and other legal services. They assure the quality of their services by maintaining clarity of referred work, not billing their 30-minute preliminary consultation, ensuring timely and on-budget delivery and guaranteeing all involved personnel is appropriately trained and experienced. LawExchange International maintains a high standard of quality and enforces this rigidly. If you are interested in procuring the services of this law network, contact them using the information on their website.