Looking for a high quality water heater yet affordable water heater? Go for Wesen!


Wesen has been producing high quality water heaters for over 25 years in Spain. Affordably priced Wesen is considered a highly reliable and durable water heater that has the newest generation of PUR insulation resulting in improved retainment of heat. This has a beneficial impact on your power consumption and will help reduce your energy bill.

Distinctive characteristics of Wesen water heaters 

  • They have stainless Inox steel tanks that cause very little corrosion so you needn’t replace the sacrificial anode any longer. Two smaller, separate tanks speed up heating time of the water.
  • Second distinctive feature is the Power button that allows the heating elements to function simultaneously speeding up heating substantially.
  • The 50,80 and 100 litre units have a sheathed heating element (no corrosion!) and soon all other models will follow.

If you are looking for maximum comfort with little maintenance go for a Wesen electric boiler. Its design is modern and very appealing. The smaller size models will easily fit in a kitchen cupboard. It is easy to install both upright and in a horizontal position.

The 30 litre and 50 litre unit Wesen-Ariston  have 2x 700 watt in the first tank and 1×700 watt heating element in the second. The 80 and 100 litre unit 2×800 watt in the 1st tank and 1×800 watt for the 2nd tank. The 150 and 200 litre unit have a 2×1000 watt heating element in the first tank and 1×1000 watt heating element for the 2nd tank.

When serviced as instructed in the manual you will enjoy hot water service for years and years. Wesen water heaters are CE marked, have been produced in the EU, ErP compliant and comply with the latest UK building regulations. Wesen offers a 2 year guarantee as well as a 5 year guarantee against corrosion.

Check out Waterheaterstore.co.uk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the entire Wesen collection.