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NBA 2K21: A Quick Overview Of The Full Game

2K Games has been generous in terms of contents. All the thirty teams of the National Basketball Association are present in the game along with their all-time versions. The WNBA teams, the 2012 and 2016 American Olympic teams, and some classic teams like the 1992-1993 Phoenix Suns, the 2004-2005 Indiana Pacers, the 2008-2009 Utah Jazz, the 2009-2010 Los Angeles Lakers, the 2016-2017 Golden State Warriors and the 2019-2020 Toronto Raptors are also included in the team roster.

The game modes that 2K games had teased are all present. My career is in the game with its new features. Unfortunately, the scenario is not brilliant, even with the presence of famous actors. Some of the new ideas are interesting and certain scenes are amazing and emotional. The choice of your agent has an impact on the rest of your career. You can chose between a family friend and a professional agent. They will affect your VC earning rate, your fans and even your relations with the fans and sponsors.

The neighborhood mode is bigger and brighter with the park. The new area is a nice addition to the game and the new beach zone is gorgeous. However, the gameplay does not feel so fresh. Visual concepts seem to have taken the NBA 2K20 neighborhood mode mechanics and pasted them in 2K21. It is unfortunate because this mode has a lot of potential. Maybe 2K Games wants to keep a certain degree of surprise for the next-gen version of the game. If that is the case, the owners of the current generation version of the game will have reasons to be angry.

Overall NBA 2K 21 is not a bad game. The problem is the obvious lack of innovation. The real highlight of the game is the MyTeam mode, and rightly so. The mode feels new and the different addons are entertaining. The online mode was stable at launch and the matches are mostly fluid. However, the matchmaking system is capricious. MTStacks will help you in your quest to build the best team with the best price of NBA 2K21 MT coins.


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