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New Google Update 2021

Will your website disappear into google results soon? If you’re looking for something, Google assumes google has the answer. The tech giant wants to offer users the best results through algorithm updates. Years ago, Google announced an update that should include a new page experience factor. This update will be released next year and may affect your website ranking (Gupta, Aayush;, 2021). Are you preparing for this update?

What does the update mean?

To rate websites based on page experience, Google has introduced three new metrics: Google Web Vitals. These statistics take into account: the loading speed, responsiveness and visual stability of a page. Metrics measure the page experience on a scale of “bad” – “best improved” – “good”.

What are these important elements of Google Web?

  1. LCP: This is mainly about the loading speed of the page. LCP measures from the moment the visitor opens the page until most of the content is loaded on the screen. Google believes that the loading performance is “good” if your website visitors don’t have to wait more than 2.5 seconds before loading a page. Does it take more than 4 seconds? This then affects your overall score and website ranking. It is also very likely that visitors have left your website before all the content is loaded.
  2. First Entry Delay (FID) First Entry Delay, the second metric, measures the “responsiveness” of the page. With FID, the time between loading a page and the user’s first interaction is important. When it comes to interactions, you can imagine clicking buttons or filling out forms. It’s not just about the user experience, it’s also about user engagement. It can be annoying if you as a user have to wait a long time before clicking or scrolling on the page. Is your FID greater than 300 ms? Then it’s time to take a look. that your website causes your visitors some frustration.
  3. Cumulative layout change (CLS) The cumulative layout change measures the visual stability of the page and how often visitors see unexpected movements. These unexpected movements, also called “layout changes”, are caused by elements that are loaded later, causing the rest of the text and images to stagger.  It is common that a page seems to be fully loaded and the parts still jump if you want to click. This can be frustrating and Google puts a lot of emphasis on CLS, especially the mobile display. The mobile element may result in a lower score (search result, 2020).

The impact of this update on my website

With this update, Google not only attaches importance to Web Vitals. Ease of use on mobile devices and website security also weigh in the ranking (Equote, 2021) What effects does the update have on my website? Your Core Web Vitals score can affect your website’s position on Google just like  Link building. That’s why it’s important to know how you perform on each of the metrics so that you can make changes and prevent your website from falling down the rankings. Search results. 

What exactly is link building?

Link building is about actively getting backlinks to your website from external websites. The goal of link building is to achieve a higher ranking in search engines such as Google and thus score higher on certain keywords.

What are backlinks important for?

Backlinks are important for the Google signal to determine relevance and authority. This is what they say on their website about how search algorithms work. The way Google looks at backlinks has changed a lot over the last 10 years. The quality and relevance of the left is becoming increasingly important. Of course, the link profile has a healthy distribution in the anchor texts and between the number of backlinks and the number of domains where those backlinks  come from.

Link building is an important part of the search engine marketing process. A search engine attaches great importance to the number of relevant links in incoming links to a website. The theory behind it is very simple. Search engines see these links as voting for a website. The more votes the website gets, the more important it should be according to the search engines. Why else would people bother to refer to your website? (Left).

Not all voices are equally important to Google. When it comes to pet food on your website, a veterinarian’s voice is worth more than that of a bicycle repairman. This is what we mean by relevant backlinks. Outsourcing link building  helps improve your improved keyword positions if your landing pages are technically sound and have good content. Keyword research can be used to find the keywords of your target audience.