Players Of WoW Classic Wants Old ‘Unbeatable’ C’Thun In The Game


On July 28, Blizzard added Ahn’Qiraj to WoW Classic, one of the most famous and legendary raids among all veteran World of Warcraft players.

Previously, simply having access to this raid was hellish for players, forcing them to have long grinding sessions to collect resources and prepare for many more hours to take on the Ahn’Qiraj mission.

As if that weren’t enough, there was also a 10-hour war on Silithus before the raid could finally begin. After all that, it was possible to enter and begin the journey against Ahn’Qiraj.

Without any exaggeration, all these preparations meant that veteran World of Warcraft players will take months to complete this raid, due to its high complexity and difficulty, adding that previously it was also much more difficult to find gold and be able to buy better items to raise your performance on the battlefield.

Fortunately, today you can buy WoW Classic Gold on and get all that gold you need quickly and very safely, something that is undoubtedly helping a lot of players to progress faster and have a less traumatic experience in this version of World of Warcraft that recreates the beginnings of this memorable title.

The attributes of Ahn’Qiraj quest are challenging even today.

The Ahn’Qiraj setup shouldn’t be underestimated either, as those sand-covered ruins harbor are host of horrors that are very difficult to overcome for some players, even today.

However, its difficulty level has dropped considerably, and compared to the impact it caused when it was released in 2006, the current version of Ahn’Qiraj is nothing more than a joke that reminds veteran players of how their skills has improved fourteen years later.

The C’Thun that players are now facing in WoW Classic is not that legendary beast that everyone knew, since the version introduced to the game is the one that came after a nerf that Blizzard applied to him for considering him invincible.

However, many players are currently debating whether C’Thun was truly unbeatable as previously believed, and some argue that they are capable of defeating the original version of this monster or at least to take a chance to try again.

It should be remembered that the history of C’Thun is full of frustration and helplessness, as there were many players who were trying to defeat him for months and none succeeded, because you had to cause him a lot of damage in order to defeat him, and we’re not talking about the effects of his deadly poison throughout the battle.

After a long 80 days of fruitless battle, Blizzard nerfed C’Thun’s characteristics and he was easily defeated on the same day, leaving behind a legendary odyssey in which no warrior could be victorious.

Now, taking into consideration all the effort that Blizzard is doing with WoW Classic, the circumstances are perfect to reactivate this challenge again and add the unbeatable C’Thun to the game. Those who manage to overcome his power will become true legends within the community of World of Warcraft. Let’s give them a try.

WoW Classic is now available on Microsoft Windows and MAC OS.