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Private Lease more popular than ever!

Car salesmen do good business this year. There is more consumer confidence and the comfort of private leasing is more present, say different experts. 2018 is so far a very good year for car sales. Last month alone, more than 45,000 new passenger cars drove out of the showroom, bringing total sales for the first half year to more than 253,000 units.

That is an increase of about 12 percent compared to the same period last year, according to figures from Bovag, RAI Association and RDC. The main reason: a well-functioning economy.

Rise of private lease

A growing trend that is also called a lot is private leasing. In the past year, the business segment of private leasing was relatively stable, but private sales are now also picking up.

With private leasing you drive as a private person a new car at a fixed monthly amount, without it being yours. Only the fuel costs are for your own account. All brands participate. It is a great way to put large numbers away in the market. In terms of choice for the customer, it concerns a limited number of cars, but with everything on and on. This can be an attractive option for people. You drive a new car and without worries.

For sellers, the cars are purchased in bulk, which means that they can then offer them relatively cheaply. Also more used cars In addition to new cars, the sale of occasionally private lease cars is also moving forward. Both car companies and private individuals also sold more used cars in the first half of the year.

With private sales, almost 347,000 cars and car dealers were no less than 624,000. These are increases of 2.8 and almost 9 percent, respectively! These numbers are much more than with new cars a gauge that things are going well. That 9 percent represents the growing consumer confidence. Perhaps more than any other figure.

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