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Questions to ask

Questions to ask in a free psychic reading

A free psychic is a psychic who might offer free demos. However, these people don’t all specialize in the same thing. You see, a free online psychic can mean a variety of things. A free psychic reading might include a tarot reading, a spiritual healing, lining up your chakra or more. It all depends on what kind of free psychic you are talking to. Depending on what category your psychic reading online falls in, there are some things you can ask and some that you can’t ask.

Asking questions

  • Some psychics are good at predicting the future, the past and the present. However, it’s not always fair to ask for about a specific event or person. Keep in mind that even in a free psychic online consult, you might not get the answers you want.
  • If you are dealing with a tarot card psychic, don’t expect any specific answers. A tarot reading is mostly beneficial for those seeking answers about their current life path and events that might happen in the future.
  • If you are in a free psychic reading with a spiritual healer, they will do most of the asking. See this kind of free demo more as a therapeutic session, rather than something that will answer your questions. A spiritual healing is important if you want to feel closer to yourself and nature.