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Select the right lock for increased safety

Doors are everywhere. They are inputs that can easily handle many people while keeping unauthorized users away. With the right lock, you increase the security of the company. 

We at Locksecure.nl will help you find a solution that suits your business and your security needs.

On many companies today there is a need to quickly change the locking systems or to keep an eye on who has been in the building. There are a variety of lock types to choose from. We will help you find the right one.

Electronic locks

Electronic locks fit both lightweight interior doors and powerful exterior doors where it must be easy to lock. An electronic door lock can also be combined with, for example, pass systems and different code locks. An easy way to protect your business and gain control over who access the building.

Mechanical lock

Mechanical locking is the easiest and safest way to protect your business and your inventory. Mechanical locks are available in several different variants depending on the level of safety required, regardless of whether it is most important to be comfortable or burglary proof.

Combination locks

With a code lock, you protect your premises while it’s fast and easy for authorized people to access. The lock gives you fast access without troublesome key management. These types of locks fit well for premises that do not require maximum security, such as changing rooms, storage rooms or entrances to multi-family houses.

Keyless lock

A key-free lock protects your premises while making it easier for authorized to get in and out. The locks are easy to mount and give you quick access without any hassle-free key management.

Lock to front doors

In an activity where many people come and go daily it is important that the door lock works smoothly while keeping unauthorized persons away. With a safe and functional lock on the front doors, you protect both your business, employees and inventory.

Lock to interior doors

In environments where many people are staying daily, it is important to ensure that unauthorized persons do not have access to certain areas of the premises. With the right lock to the interior doors, you protect both your business, employees and inventory.

Window locks

The thief always chooses the easiest way. With secure lock on the property window, you reduce the risk of unauthorized access. Choose between code locks or mechanical locks to increase safety.

Select a lock that suits your business

Does it have to be quick to get in and out? Is the door often used? Does the lock need to be connected to a door system? There are many questions that require answers when it comes to locks.

Contact us and we’ll help you find a solution that suits your business needs, we are the locksmith experts in Rotterdam!