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Shoplazza VS Square Online: The Battle of the E-commerce Site Builders

If you’re an online business owner, you understand how competitive the market is. Consumers have businesses shouting for their attention from all angles, and you are one of the many voices out there trying to get them interested in your product or service.

At the same time, you’re also trying to sift through the many e-commerce platforms to decide which is the most effective for your specific business needs, which can take many valuable hours from your more urgent tasks!

You’ve got a lot on your plate, so we’re here to help. So without further ado, let’s dive into a showdown between two top-rated e-commerce site builders—Shoplazza vs. Square Online.


Square Online in a Nutshell

Square is a big name in the e-commerce site builder space, and they’ve built up an exceptionally loyal following. They started focusing on online payment confirmations in the mobile area and still pride themselves on their convenient and innovative payment solutions, which are at the core of their business model.

They also, however, offer one of the most cost-effective platforms to set up not only payment solutions but actual online stores for their customers. So now, you can set up a complete online store for little more than the price of your payment processing fees, which is truly remarkable! 

Once you sign up for their digital plan, you get to build your digital store. They have made the process extremely simple and user-friendly, and you don’t have to have in-depth knowledge of web design or site-building.


Square Online has competitive pricing options, probably one of their most significant benefits.

  • The Free Plan – You only pay for processing fees (2.9% of each sale plus $0.30)
  • The Professional Plan – $16 per month
  • The Performance Plan – $26 per month
  • The Premium Plan – $72 per month

Pros & Cons

Square Online Pros

  • Straightforward pricing
  • A great value free option
  • Integrated payment system
  • Easy uploads
  • Innovative and convenient payment solutions
  • Many attractive store themes 

Square Online Cons

  • Poor shipping strategy;
  • Occasionally unstable accounts;
  • Customer service is lacking;
  • Many essential features are reserved for premium packages.


Shoplazza in a Nutshell

Shoplazza is a drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to build your e-commerce store platform and begin trading in a few clicks!

It is one of the most popular e-commerce site builders and has a solid reputation as one of the most stable and effective platforms. 

Shoplazza is particularly popular with the more prominent online retailers, and this goes to show how functional and capable the platform is. 


Unfortunately, there’s no free version, although many would see this as a sign that it’s serious about offering a professional service with no gimmicks. 

  • Basic – $28 per month
  • Advanced – $59 per month
  • Premier – $99 per month
  • Enterprise – $189 per month
  • Pro – $218 per month

Pros & Cons

Shoplazza Pros

  • Fast and powerful built-in hosting ability
  • Simple yet highly effective features
  • A superior customer support network
  • Marketing toolkit to appeal to a vast market
  • Extremely user-friendly interface design
  • A large and well-known company you can trust (currently completed C1 financing of $150 Million)

Shoplazza Cons

  • Customization can be a little tricky sometimes
  • The built-in blogging function could be better



While both platforms cater to different markets and offer additional benefits, they both have their place in the e-commerce store building space. 

It depends on what you’re looking for, and we strongly suggest that you check both out in detail before making your choice.

From our side, it’s a draw, and both platforms are highly functional and helpful for online business owners!


(Contributed by Aneeca Younas & Hermes Fang)