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Should you have a wedding band or DJ on your wedding?

Can’t decide a band or a DJ should play your wedding tunes? Here are four factors to help you decide which option is the best for your big day.

Two reasons to hire a wedding DJ

You want to hear all your favourite songs

If there are hundreds of songs, you really want to hear at your wedding, it won’t be a problem for the DJ to find each track. A band will learn only a couple of songs for a wedding couple. So, you can’t ask them to play the completely set list from your favourite albums.

You have a limited budget

It could be that you have a limited budget or you’d rather spend the money on your dress or food. A DJ is less expensive than a band. Even a modestly sized band is more expensive than a DJ. An experienced wedding DJ with excellent skills can set the mood at your wedding and can keep the party going.

A band played the most common wedding songs, like ‘Perfect’, ‘Marry You’ and ‘All of Me’, so many times that they probably will sound better than the original artists. 

You want a performance for your guests

A wedding band plays live music. You and your wedding guests will experience the pleasure of a real performance and this will raise the excitement level.