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So, you’re new to multi-touch attribution. Let’s focus on why it matters.

Odyssey is a web-based marketing attribution tool that shares data and insights about the performance of digital marketing channels. Furthermore, Odyssey takes into account the entire customer journey and how it affects your marketing. Does Odyssey consultancy help to grow business?


What kind of business are you running? Does it sell products or services online? If so, you need to use the Odyssey platform. It lets you uncover the path your customers take before they convert. You can get insights and recommendations on how to make your sales better because Odyssey operates with at least 1000 transactions per month, regardless of value. You’re probably wondering what Odyssey does. It’s a data-driven analytics system that identifies the conversion path for your online business. It tracks how many steps it takes for visitors to go from browsing to buying. It also analyzes your website and recommends changes you can make to increase conversions. To make sure the data is accurate, we recommend using Odyssey with at least 1000 transactions per month.


If you’re a business that sells products or services online, you’ll benefit from using Odyssey. Odyssey will uncover the path your customers follow before they convert to a sale and provide you with insights and recommendations on how to optimize. We advise using Odyssey for at least 1000 transactions per month, regardless of the average order value.

At Odyssey, we believe that every touchpoint your customer has experienced throughout their journey to purchase has an impact. That’s why we apply multi-touch attribution. The impact of each touchpoint may be worth more or less, depending on how close it is to the purchase. We credit all touchpoints, then suggest a spend for each source, based on the attribution model you choose. The goal of any online marketing strategy is to increase conversions. One way to do this is by applying attribution analytics. Multi-touch attribution provides insight into how many times a customer has interacted with you before converting. We credit all customer touchpoints that have led to a conversion, then suggest a media spend based on the model you choose. For example, our “last click” attribution says that the last interaction with your website drove the conversion. Google Data studio attribution is always last-click attribution because it relies on your Google Analytics.