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Social Distancing Ideas For Care Homes

Across the country and the world, not only have we had to keep our distance, but we’ve had to go a long time without visiting our loved ones. It’s been difficult but it’s with everyone’s best interest at heart.

For those of us who live with family and have company in the house, it’s been a saving grace allowing us to spend quality time together. But unfortunately, not everyone has been so lucky. Those who have been in care & residential homes have had reduced visiting hours or no visits at all. Meaning they have spent prolonged periods on their own.

A lot of praise and congratulations have gone out to the NHS and carers as they continue to care for the vulnerable. Which is well deserved as they keep our family safe and looked after.  However, when the visiting isn’t restricted, there needs to be safety precautions in place for the safety of you and the resident.

As a UK manufacturer we were careful to consider all areas and environments that have been drastically affected. The main aim is to provide protection so interactions can happen in a safe and secure way.

Social Distancing screens are a thing of the future, with multiple uses making them a worth while investment. Acrylic screens are a fantastic way to make visiting time safe and accessible for those who would like it.

Clear acrylic screening can be placed between the resident and the relative as a protective barrier. The clear finish acts as a shield and provides full visibility and the communication is almost as easy as normal. In addition, after and between uses, the screens can be cleaned and sanitised ensuring they are safe for others to use.

Clear freestanding and desktop Perspex solutions are equally as effective and here are our tip’s on how to use them.

Freestanding Dividers

The freestanding style starts from the floor and uses trip and wheel chair friendly bases, as to not cause any obstructions. However, castors wheels could be useful if a portable solution is required.

Our tip is to place the screen between the resident and the visitor as they sit in their favourite armchair.

Desktop Dividers

Take the conversation to a dining area with the desk screens. The simple design can be placed on to any worktop, counter, or table to create a divide.

The main focus is the safety and to have a handle on the spread of germs. Our social distancing screens perform on both accounts and will excel in any room.