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The benefits of FEP foil

Do you know exactly what FEP foil is? No? Then we advise you to read our article “What is

FEP foil?” (Link to that article). In that article, we clearly and simply explained what FEP foil



Particularly thin

An interesting aspect in that article is the aforementioned fact that FEP foil can be

particularly thin. The thinnest variant is only 13 microns thick. Is that one of the benefits of

FEP foil? Hell yes. FEP foil has several advantages. We have listed the most important

benefits below:

– FEP has good chemical resistance; this makes it extremely suitable in many situations

– FEP can be used under many temperatures; ranging from 205 degrees to minus 200


– FEP has a mechanically strong coating; this coating is also durable

– FEP has a heat transfer coefficient of 0.20 W / m.K

– FEP has good anti-adherent properties; also referred to as the NON stick


FEP versus PTFE

Basically, FEP is often compared to PTFE. That’s not for nothing; both are variants of Fluoroplastics. However, FEP has unique advantages over PTFE. We have summarized these benefits in our article “The differences between FEP and PTFE”. (link to the following article) But, for completeness, we have also summarized below the benefits of FEP over PTFE.

  • Transparent with high transmittance of ultraviolet (97%)and visible radiation up to (99,9%).
  • Resistant to environmental influences such as ozone, sun- and UV light.
  • Virtually invisible in water due to the lowest refractive index of all plastics.
  • Non-poreus.


For these reasons you see FEP being used a lot in the chemical industry, in 3D printers, in oil and gas application and as chemical seal or gaskets .Did you know that you can order FEP film link naar www.fep-film.com on the internet?