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The differences between vaping and smoking weed

There are many people who love to unwind with weed. What is a beer for one person, is a joint to relax for another. You can consume hashish in a variety of ways. In addition to using a joint to get the THC, it is also possible to use a special weed vape. Would you like to find out what vaping hashish is, how it works and what the differences are? With the information from this article, you will no longer be faced with surprises when it comes to vaping weed.


Most people know that you can smoke weed, but it is also possible to vaporize weed. Vaporizing works almost the same as smoking, the only difference is that no real combustion takes place. It is not necessary to reach a high temperature for THC, the active substance of hashish, to take effect. When weed is vaporized, this substance is also released. You can see vaping hashish as a way in which you can smoke, without consuming the substances that are released during combustion. 

Discrete way of enjoying weed

Vaping hashish is becoming more and more popular among people interested in using hashish in an easy and, above all, discreet way that is less bad than smoking a joint. Both buds and weed concentrates can be vaporized using a wide variety of devices. Vaping hashish with portable devices can be discrete because the vapor from the weed vaping creates a less powerful smell compared to smoking a joint. Besides that, you are vaping with a device that doesn’t look like an actual cigarette. 

The right amount of hashish for you

By finding your own perfect temperature you use with your vaporizer, you can really easy measure the dosage of the hashish you want to use. You can almost think of it as microdosing, since you have to find the perfect amount of hashish in combination with the ideal temperature. This means that you can often find your perfect setting accurately to a number of degrees. In any case, you will use less hashish per dose, compared to how much you would normally put in a joint.


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