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The Italian love story: this is every Italian’s first love

When you think about Italy, you might think about Rome, the Colosseum or the Vatican. You might also think about the gondolas from Venice or handsome Italians with slightly too much grease in their hair that flirt with pretty women at the San Marco square. Whatever your thoughts may be, Italy is a country that has a lot to offer. Both in food and in love stories. After all, one of the most iconic love stories, the one of Romeo and Juliet took place in Verona. However, every Italian has one true love that is passionately shared by many Italians. No we’re not talking bigamy here. We’re talking about something that is both delicious and crunchy at the same time and can be changed to every Italian’s desire. 

The way to the Italian heart: pizza!

What makes an Italian say ‘Te amo’ faster than that one Italian specialty: the Italian pizza! This authentic dish is served everywhere in Italy and can be topped with many different vegetables, meat, fish and cheese. Today you can create your own Italian pizza, by using Italian pizza dough balls as a base for your pizza. You can change the pizza in any way you want and serve it with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and herbs such as oregano or thyme. This makes every Italian’s heart skip a beat whenever they see their favorite Italian delicacy. 

How to recognise an Italian pizza lover

The Italian pizza lover in its natural habitat is easy to spot; usually very close to an Italian bistro. Apart from the starry eyes whenever he sees or smells a pizza, you can recognise an Italian who is madly in love with this dish by a number of things. Firstly, nine out of ten times you’ll find him at one of his favorite bistros where he will order a pizza. Another characteristic is the smile from ear to ear when his pizza is served. The restaurant owners know him by name and he only asks for ‘the usual’ when placing an order. Everybody in town knows what this guy’s favorite meal is! You probably won’t find the pizza aficionado anywhere near takeaways such as New York pizza or Pizza hut. When he goes for pizza, he only wants the best, authentic Italian pizza.Though the infatuated Italian might share a slice with his friends, chances are high that he keeps the pizza for himself.

The Italian men and pizza: a happy marriage

Though Italian men are known for their finesse and good manners, there’s no need for binoculars when you want to spot an Italian pizza lover. He will probably blast anyone in his path when running towards his favorite pizza maker whilst shouting ‘Extra cheese please!’. So if you value your physical health, a protective armor might be a good idea if you want to approach this Italian safely. You can be the greatest damsel in distress of all times, when an Italian pizza lover smells pizza, he means business. Pizza after all, is and always will be his first love.