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Variety of Amber

Why is some amber yellow and other red? Why is some transparent or only translucent and other as white as chalk and completely opaque? Such a variety of colors that are displayed by Baltic amber cannot be found among other fossil resins which are also referred to as amber. Nature has endowed Baltic amber with diverse colors, shades and various degrees of transparency – in an abundance of features rarely seen in other ornamental stones. They have been used to differentiate between amber varieties. Nowadays many adjectives describe the Baltic amber lumps: clean, dirty, feathery, naked amber or amber in a shell, however, these names do not describe the color degree of transparency but indicate the origin of a given variety and refer to the structure or nature of its surface. It is worth to shortly explain the characteristics of a few given examples:

–        clean amber does not include any impurities

–        feathery amber introduces us to a group where amber’s purity, and therefore transparency, has been disturbed by fine particles of resin which was frothed or mixed while hardening

–        bare amber is a variety that is fresh, unweathered, whose visible – original-yellow color has remained unchanged or whose darkened reddish shell has been naturally polished off by the sea sand in the water’s undulating action.

As we can see there are a lot of variations of amber, yet for my bracelet’s projects, I select only the finest pieces of Baltic amber. The vast abundance of Baltic amber varieties has been inspiring me to look for new ideas and projects of jewelry to cater to the current fashions, customer requirements and simply for my curiosity of possibilities in amber crafting.  I consider the project Danzica as a very innovative and modern approach to Baltic amber jewelry. Danzica is made of three mesmerizing, transparent, orange-colored amber cubes – one of the most popular transparent variations of amber known as trinket (gem) amber. Danzica is a modern statement in the jewelry world, moreover, this bracelet is a flagship of Chamber of Amber.