Wesen ECO series, the latest electric water heater technology


Economical electric water heaters Wesen Eco with an energy label A

The Wesen ECO 30 is one of the first electric water heaters with an energy label A. The latest in PUR insulation foam and a controller that is super intelligent have helped achieve that feat. On top of that, the design is modern and very attractive. The unit is only 10 inches deep, so it can be easily fitted in your kitchen cabinet.

The highly economical Wesen Eco 30 comes with a self-programming digital controller. This controller records the hot water usage over the course of a week and uses an ingenious algorythm to set the ideal program for you. So it will not heat up during the day when you are away, but will only switch on just before 18.00 as you get home. Imagine the money you can save on your energy bill with a Wesen ECO eletric water heater.

The electric boiler comes with a double tank. One of the tanks holds an 800 watt heating element. The other has a 1200 watt heating element. This allows you, when needed, to heat up with 2000 watt capacity at any given time. The Eco controller measure constantly to see which of the two tanks of the electric water heater needs to be heated up. Both tanks are manufactured from metal and have an enamel steel coating. The titanium added makes for a nearly indestructable tank. The glass coating prevents any odors or taste to your water. 

The Wesen ECO is also available with a 50,80 and 100 litre capacity. All three have no less than an energy label B. The 50 cm measures in at just 25 cm like the 30 litre. The 80 and 100 litre are just 30 cm in depth. All models of this storage water heater range are equipped with the energy-efficient eco controller and the modern design.

Wesen electric boilers are sold in the UK by amongst others waterheaterstore. Why not consider Wesen as an alternative for one of the traditional brands? It is built to the highest specifications, comes with a 2-year warrantee and is very attractively priced.