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Do you dive into the world of Business and Management?
Are you ready for business and do you choose the information about Business Management or Organization and Management? Or do their English versions International Business Management and International Organization and Management appeal to you more? Our Accounting Administration and Marketing and Communication Support graduates also fall within this area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest and are certainly worthwhile. Whatever it may be, with our practice-oriented training courses and personal guidance, we will prepare you for the professional field.

Do you choose the Accountancy-Fiscality videos? Then you will become a true specialist in accounting administration, taxation and financial reporting. You have mastered various digital tools and know how to convert numerical data into information. You see the story behind the numbers and you are also able to communicate clearly about complex matters. You provide tailor-made advice, supported by a solid legal basis.

Do you have a great interest in the business world and do you like to take initiative? Then go for the Business Management videos. Within our channel you can choose from the second year for one of the seven specializations or for the fully English-taught International Business Management videos.


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