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6 sites to download the best Manga

In this post, you will find 6 places where you can download manga.

Places to download Manga books:

1. PDF Room

PDF Room is a search engine where free PDF books can be found and downloaded. Many PDF books are indexed on thousands of different topics. You can download free manga PDF books and comic PDF books.

2. Mangafox

This is possibly, to this day, the most popular manga site. They have a tremendous rundown of manga and categories such as show, dream, activity, enterprise, parody, school life, and much more. You can also interface through their meetings with your co-manga perusers and pick up companions.

3. Stuvera.com

You can read Manga online and download free zip and pdf manga files from Stuvera.com. Stuvera is a web-based repository of eBooks, online classes, research materials and other educational resources.

4. BookWalker

Visit BookWalker to download manga online. This is the first alternative in Japan for most manga fans. Manga books are sold by BookWalker, but they also have several free manga books to choose from.

5. Comixology

As an Amazon subsidiary, Comixology is seeking to create the largest site for digital comics. You can buy manga books here as well as order their unlimited service for subscription. ?What’s more? They also have a 30 day free trial.

6. Amazon

Amazon is the only place to download Manga PaperBack. Over 1,000 manga books for download and online use are available. Manga Zip, PDF, RAR and other versions can be downloaded from Amazon online as well.