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Douwe Geluk Tai Chi lessons in the Apeldoorn area school: Bron van Geluk ‘Fuyuan’

Good quality: Tai Chi in Apeldoorn lessons by Douwe Geluk


If you live near Apeldoorn in the Netherlands or if you are just passing by, come over for some Tai Chi Chuan classes in the Netherlands. Tai Chi Apeldoorn Bron van Geluk teaches classes to kids and adults in different classes and with different levels. The school offers many aspects of Taijiquan, Chi Kung, Pushing Hands, Selfdefense and much more.


Why should you try Tai Chi Chuan?


Well Tai Chi Chuan is a very nice practise that gives you energy and supports your health and wellbeing. Tai Chi is very suitable for people who do not have the discipline to go to a gym and go home broken of tiredness. Tai Chi Chuan is an old Chinese martial art which gives you the movements of forms, selfdefense techniques, meditation in motion, weapons like the sword or the fan and many more. It will develop your mind, body and spirit in many positive ways.


Great lessons and different styles in one school!


Great lessons and what very unique is in the school of Douwe Geluk are the variety of Taijiquan styles you can learn there. You can practise Yang family Tai Chi Chuan the 108 form.or the shortened 37 form.of Cheng Man Ching. Also traditional Chen style Tai Chi Chuan which is much intenser en more difficult then the Yang systems. Or Wu style, Shaolin style and many others. Also several ways of Qi Qong that will energize you and helps to relax more afterwards.


Douwe Geluk a well known Tai Chi teacher from Apeldoorn


Mr Douwe Geluk is a famous Taijiquan and teacher. He won many prizes at several competitions national and internationally. Douwe also gives many workshops and clinics also in Care Houses for elder people. But also for Tai Chi competition athletes and people with physical or mental disorder. Douwe Geluk also, is a personal trainer and coach which goals are “helping others to benefit from Tai Chi Chuan training”. Tai Chi as a way, Taijiquan as the way to progress in mind, body and spirit.


Low fee’s and a very high Quality of Tai Chi lessons


Many schools charge a very high monthly fee because people are looking for making money. Douwe Geluk thinks that Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung is not ment to make huge amounts of money from. To keep Tai Chi as pure as possible it has to come from the heart and the teacher should teach with passion and integrity. So Tai Chi Apeldoorn “Bron van Geluk” charges low fee’s and gives high quality lessons in return.


More information about Tai Chi Apeldoorn Bron van Geluk Fu Yuan


If you want to drop by just contact us or visit our website at: http://www.tai-chi-geluk.nl or call 0031651820257 (06-51820257) you can also send an email to: fuyuan.apeldoorn@gmail.com


See video my Tai Chi team at Wu Wei Cup 2018 Hamburg Germany: