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Is Squash the healthiest sport?

Is squash the healthiest sport?

A lot of friends of mine have recently been talking about the sport squash and what the impact of this sport is on the health of the body. I personally though squash was just another vegetable (or something), I couldn’t be more wrong on this. To be a good squash player you have to have the perfect body and energy to keep playing on a high pace. Squash players are on of the fittest atheletes out there and the fact that it’s not an olympic sport is a shame.

Squash is on of the toughest sporters out there because it has a combination of agility, fitness, muscle and skill of the racket. If you don’t believe this? Forbes actually called squash the healthiest sport for a human. This was based on key performance indicators like calorie burn, cardio endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and injury risk.

What is squash?

Squash is a game where two opponents play eachother on a court. With one squash ball they try to make the ball bounce twice before the other opponent gets to the ball. This is the way to earn one point. A game consists of 11 points and has to be won by a two point difference what makes it extra exciting for both players when they are for example 10-10 in a game. Every point is very important and the game can continue for a long time what makes it very exciting (also to watch).

But why is squash such a tough sport compared to other sports? First, the ball bounces quite low what makes it very hard to get to the ball in time. This makes that an opponent has to move extremely fast to be able to reach the ball in time and actually return it with some interest and keep the rally going. A rally can take around 2 minutes what makes for an extremely explosive squash rally that takes a very long time. This rally alone can make a squash player very tired.

A rally can consist of doing over 40 lunges and activates various quad muscles within both legs of a squashplayer. This can make the squashplayer very fit within a short amount of time. To be a good squashplayer you have to have everything: Endurance, speed agility and plyometrics. But most importantly, you have to have a lot of consistent power in your game.

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