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Optimizing the purchasing process, that’s how you do it

Improving the purchasing process is of course always a good idea. It brings many advantages with it. Analyze whether your process can also be improved. Are you improving the process? That can make it a lot more efficient and save money. 

A purchasing process, what does that mean? 

In a purchasing process, the process is mapped out for purchasing goods and/or services. This is often divided into 6 steps, which are explained below: 

  1. Specify 

  1. Selecting 

  1. To contract 

  1. To order 

  1. To guard 

  1. Aftercare 

For each phase, the efficiency of the progress of the process can be examined. In this way errors can be detected and corrected. It is of course important that this process runs as smoothly as possible. 

Outsource process 

It is an option to outsource the entire purchasing process, so that you can focus on the core activities. With this you keep full control and you continue to determine which products are purchased. You also determine the suppliers yourself and under what conditions. You still have everything in your hands, but the direct purchasing is outsourced. 

Efficient organization of the process 

Organizing the process efficiently is best for everyone. This way, this does not cost anyone too much time and/or money. The more efficient, the better. This can be done, for example, by means of a source to pay service. This saves you a lot of paperwork and manual actions. Source to pay provides 360-degree insight into performance and expenditure. With Procure to pay, this is limited to the analysis and the purchased goods. A major advantage is that your TCO will be reduced. This is an abbreviation for Total Cost of Ownership. This is the total cost of purchasing and owning a product or service.