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Painting your leather shoe? First read this!

Painting has to happen from time to time. It is important that objects, like walls, chairs, sofa and other objects need to be maintained from time to time. A lot of people are however not the smartest in this area and don’t know which paint to use properly. That is why it will be the main topic of this article and when you’re done reading this you should know a little bit better then the average Joe.

Most people forget how useful painting actually can be. Because buying a new set of shoes or a new sofa is usually quite expensive. To save some costs, painting is usually a cheap way to make an old object look new and fresh.

Painting walls is for most people usually an easy job to do. However, when it comes to more specific things, like objects made out of leather, things could go quite wrong. For example when a sofa hasn’t been cleaned of its oils before painting, after the paint has dried up its common to see the paint falling of the sofa, purely because the oil creates a reaction which prevents the paint from sticking to the material. The same goes for painting leather shoes. Before actually painting the shoe, it is very important to clean it first carefully.

When you for example need to paint your shoe. Its important to get specific shoe paint, plus if its leather, you have to get paint for leather too. So for leather shoes, its best to go for the combined characteristics that help to paint a leather shoe the right way. The same goes for other leather objects like sofas and jackets.

So before you start painting make sure you use the right paint and clean the object before painting. Then you should be good to go.


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