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This is the perfect app to start making music online with your group members

If you have a group or a band, you of course want to make music together at any time possible. However, your schedules might not all line up all the time and it might prove to be difficult to find a proper place to practice with each other. However, with incredible innovations, you might want to use the internet as a practice space for all of your group members. With the practical Solocontutti app made by a music specialist, you get the chance to practice together all the time and make music with your group online. You do not need to leave your home and spend extra time on getting to the right place. Adding to this, it is even possible to practice together with musicians in other countries and continents.

This application is a prime choice among musicians

What makes Solocontutti a prime choice among musicians, is first and foremost the incredible audio quality this app allows. Of course, the quality of your own microphones plays a part in this, but the app makes sure this sound gets transmitted perfectly. You also do not need to worry about latencies as these have been reduced to the absolute minimum. This allows you to easily get into the flow and the tempo of your group members when you try to make music online. With built-in features such as a metronome, video function, and a broad range of innovate accessibility solutions, this app is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to make music with their group online.

Perform your favorite songs together with all of your group members

Are you eager to start performing together with up to twelve group members and product the most amazing music with an online app? Download Solocontutti today and discover the many innovative features this application has to offer you and your bandmates. If you want a quick manual to help you get started easily, you can find it on their website, as well as a problem-solving tool.