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Is Automatic Number Plate Recognition effective?

Automatic Number Plate Recognition or ANPR for short, is a technological system that utilizes an optical character recognition software to interpret the number plates of any vehicle and store it. The Automatic Number Plate Recognition system is fairly flexible, so it can be utilized in many different was by different parties. Law enforcement officials and business site managers are some of the parties that use this system. That alone should give you the answer on whether ANPR is effective or not, but keep reading this blog post to dive further into it.


How ANPR works


The Automatic Number Plate Recognition system has two main components. The most important one being the camera and the second most important component is the optical character recognition software. The camera is what does the picture taking, of course, and the optical character recognition software is responsible for taking the important data from the number plate images and extracting that. The data is then automatically saved in a database to use later.


Law enforcement uses the Automatic Number Plate Recognition system tio be able to locate any vehicles that have been reported missing or reported stolen. They could also use the ANPR system to potentially find people and criminals. When businesses use this technological system, they mainly use it for site management involving vehicles, such as parking lot management. They can use it to make sure the regulations of the site is being adhered to by anyone entering and/or exiting.


The benefits of the ANPR system


If you are part of a business that could use a system such as ANPR, then there are some points you need to remember. You must make sure that you choose and acquire an Automatic Number Plate Recognition system that you 100% believe to be accurate and trustworthy. There are many brands out there in the market, so always do your own research about the products you consume. The benefits of using Automatic Number Plate Recognition system brings many positives. These benefits include:

  • Much better security

  • The flexibility to use in various ways

  • Traffic can be streamlined