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Usability Testing Tools for E-commerce Stores

By definition, usability testing is the measure of your website’s usability. Once you choose the user interface and design strategies for your e-commerce store on Shoplazza or Shopify, you’ll have to figure out the right tool.

However, it may be pretty challenging to choose the best tools. This guide will explain the meaning of website usability testing, its importance, and the top usability testing tools. Let’s get to it!


What Is Usability Testing

Usability testing involves testing a website for how easily it can be used and how intuitive it is. This entails checking various factors like content, code grammar, metadata, graphics, site map, etc. All these will help you discover the specific elements that affect user experience.

Usability testing is one of the most crucial pursuits for any e-commerce business. You can have an attractive marketing campaign, but it won’t matter if users find it hard to understand the message. It can prevent them from purchasing and switching to your competitor with better usability. Research shows that 50% of customers will not patronize an online store if it’s not mobile-friendly.

The purpose of usability testing is to check the areas of your dropshipping business that are doing well and those that need improvement. This gives you a head start on optimizing your store to suit your customers’ needs.


Top 7 Usability Testing Tools for Your E-commerce Business

Shoppers who fail to see what they want on a website will go to another website. This explains why you need a usability testing tool to ensure your e-commerce website is in perfect condition to suit your customers’ needs. These are some of the tools you can use:


It allows you to track the activities of your users as they browse through your site. Loop11 will help you see the exact place they’re encountering any problem, what draws their attention, and lots more. You can set it up by inputting JavaScript into your website or using their no-code solution to get started easily and quickly.


With Hotjar software, you can see how visitors behave on your e-commerce website. This allows you to make a change to anything that disturbs them. It works like a visual tracker by measuring where users move the cursor and where they click the most. It also lets you conduct polls and surveys during and after testing.


This tool isn’t just for academics and writers who want to edit their papers and manuscripts. E-commerce businesses can also use ProWritingAid to increase their Flesch reading ease score, which will increase the accessibility of your content. Additionally, internet users view websites with grammatical errors and typos in their copy as hard to trust and suspicious.


This is another tool that gives the user feedback on your e-commerce website. You can choose the part of your website you wish to review and watch them give feedback in no time. You can also ask specific questions by creating surveys. Additionally, each feedback from Usabilla comes with a screenshot.


UsabilityHub allows you to conduct tests on your website’s design, including the appeal of visual assets and ease of navigation. Visual appeal gives information about your business tone, and navigation is how people can easily find information on your site. Both are essential to keeping customers on your site, and they can give direct feedback on your store design.

Page Speed Online

Many people on the internet are not patient. Research shows that customers will leave your site if it takes a lot of time to load. Aside from that, Google also punishes sites that take time to load. However, with tools like Page Speed Online, you can know your website’s speed time and cut it down to boost SEO and conversion.

Lambda Test

Your e-commerce website might have the perfect flow on Safari and Google Chrome, but Microsoft Edge and Firefox users might have a different experience. With Lambda Test, you can test your website in several browsers. This will give you some headway on how to optimize your online store’s user experience.


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re preparing to open an online store or already have one, conducting usability testing is a good idea. You can use different tools to test your online store’s functionality.


(Contributed by Ayotomiwa Omotosho & Hermes Fang)